Cross-Cultural Training of Expatriates

Expatriates Training

Expatriates can bring valuable cross-cultural skills to your business, but significant time spent in another country also brings some challenges. Your HR department can play a key role in bridging the gap of cultural and legal knowledge, but the specific training you'll need to offer expatriates varies significantly from business to business.

Teaching Social Norms

Every country has its own social norms for conducting business. A friendly handshake in one country might be a demeaning or aggressive gesture in another location. Our HR department can bring expatriates up to speed on social norms in their new country, and may even offer seminars or written guidelines on how to interact with foreign co-workers.

Addressing Changing Business Practices

Business practice can change from country to country, even among different branches of the same business. HR needs to address standards for conducting business that may be different from the home country. For example, an expatriate might have focused her efforts on keeping careful records in her country of origin, but your business might prioritize socializing or strong managerial skills. HR needs not only to introduce expatriates to foreign cultures, but also to your business culture.

Educating About the Law

Even minor variations in the law can radically alter the way you do business. Expatriates may have to master different record-keeping and quality control procedures, might have new limitations with which they are not familiar and may need to know which laws are relevant to clients and business partners. While an expatriate doesn't have to be a lawyer, she does need to know the laws that relate directly to her job duties.

Managing Paperwork

Expatriates can have a variety of citizenship and immigration statuses, so our HR department will ensure that your expatriate employees have the right paperwork. They may need visas or specific licenses, and not all licenses from a foreign country are valid domestically. In addition to managing this paperwork, Our HR department may educate expatriates about how to ensure they're legally able to work in your business.